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Euroimpianti S.p.A. is a Skilled Group company based in Schio (Vicenza - IT). It manufactures and commercializes automated systems for the end of line and logistics with Skilled® brand.
Euroimpianti S.p.A. was founded in 1973 in Zanè (Vicenza) by Gastone Trecco with the purpose of producing handling and palletizing systems for all the main types of packaged products. The first products were the traditional palletizers, successively replaced by the SCARA and Cartesian palletizers and then by the most modern anthropomorphic robots. Since 1992, a new line of products has been added to the production: the Automatic Guidance Vehicles, the highest expression of which today is represented by LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle). Euroimpianti SpA has been one of the first Italian packaging machinery manufacturers to obtain the UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in 1996. Thanks to the acquisition of C&D Robotics in USA (2008) and C&B System in Italy ( 2015), the Company has confirmed and consolidated its international leadership in the sector.

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